October 15

We Have A Flood. Now What?

As you head down the stairs you realize something loks off – the floor below you is wet – you think “Great. We have a flood. Now what?”

There’s an old saying that definitely applied to flooding: “When it rains, it definitely pours.”

These days, the rains seem to be stronger and harder than before. The rivers run higher, and the snow is deeper.

Worst of all, it happens when you least expect it, too.

It’s a relief to know a house is a trusted refuge to keep us safe and dry. But what happens when the sanctuary meant to keep us from the wind, heat, rain, and cold becomes flooded and damaged?

For a business, flooding can mean lost profits and very unhappy customers, clients, or patients.

So when flooding happens, repairs and remediation need to happen – FAST.

Because the bottom line is that whether it’s a home or a commercial establishment, flooding is best kept out the door.

Flooding Can Be Traumatic
Your Water Problem May Not Be This Severe…

What happens when you have a flood?

When a flood comes seeping in through your door, one thing’s for sure – there’s a whole lot of destruction.

Damages to your property can go right down to the foundation.

And the economic losses – destroyed appliances, water damaged drywall, and ruined clothing are the beginning of a flood aftermath.

The harmful effects of a flood

The “hidden damage” – things that show up after the water is gone, can be far more expensive – and lethal. Mold absolutely harms our health. According to the CDC, causes “nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, eye irritation, or, in some cases, skin irritation. People with mold allergies may have more severe reactions. Immune-compromised people and people with chronic lung illnesses, such as obstructive lung disease, may get serious infections in their lungs when they are exposed to mold.”

This is because the worst thing about flooding is that the water doesn’t just seek its own level. It seeps through the tiniest fissures of your house or business. Small cracks, gaps, and spaces you didn’t even know were there.

And this is where things get ugly. When undetected floodwater dries up, it often carries the harmful bacteria and allows mold to grow undetected.

Apart from the risks flood poses to your health, your safety and security are also under threat.

Flooding can cause structural damage to your house or business. Electrical wiring, softened walls, and shattered glass are a result of flooding.

As a result, accidents in your home or business such as electrocution or trauma may occur. Therefore, it is imperative to address your flood problems as soon as possible by calling in experts to assess the damage.

How to remedy the aftermath of a flood

The first thing you should do is inform your insurance company that a flood has occurred and ask them what you need to do to initiate a claim. The insurance company will give you specific instructions regarding the information they require to ensure your claim is processed quickly. This may include taking photographs to record the damage and/or calling a company like ComPro to come in and assess the damage.

It’s important to realize that flood damage must be dealt with immediately to minimize health hazards and safety threats.

Step 1 is always proceeding with caution. Because depending on how long the water is present, corrosion, erosion, or weakening may occur. This means keeping an eye out for holes, gaps, and cracks around the house caused by the water. Attempting any remediation process without care can lead to serious accidents.

Step 2 is to clean and disinfect all the areas where the water has been. This includes floors, furniture, walls, and any places potentially exposed to water.

Even the smallest amount of water missed is enough to breed mold detrimental to your health. It is therefore essential all work is performed by professional cleaners experienced with flood remediation.

Step 3 is to thoroughly inspect for damage after the water has been removed. Besides health hazards, a flood can also destroy material objects, especially if too much time elapses before the item is dry. The weakening of walls, damaged electrical wiring, and cracked floors are aggravated by continued exposure to water.

Step 4 is to hire professional help. ComPro has _____ years experience with flood repair and remediation and has a proven track record of fast, efficient repairs and happy clients – both residential and commercial.

Final thoughts

Floods happen. And when they do, take immediate action. Flooding is more than just economic damage to homes and businesses.

They are a threat to something far more valuable – YOUR HEALTH.

Floods also pose risks to safety and security.

When water damages your property, time is of the essence. Not one second should be spared remedying your problem.

Your best action, right now, is to call ComPro. We have technicians on call – 24/7/365 to deal with your flooding emergency IMMEDIATELY.

Our professionally trained staff and fully equipped vehicles can tackle your flooding nightmare right now. Call us now at 404-XXX-XXXX for immediate service.


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