Asbestos Removal Service In Calgary And Surrounding Areas

Asbestos Abatement

Unwanted substances are hazardous to your health such as asbestos which can be found inside of your home. You might just find and ignore this ugly-looking thing but it's far more than what you thought it is.

Asbestos makes people sick! Prior to discovering its health hazards, asbestos is used in a variety of construction materials such as insulation and flame-retardant materials as well as acoustic ceilings and drywall compounds. Once disturbed, asbestos fibers can become airborne and if this toxic substance is inhaled, it can cause a variety of health effects.

ComPro adheres to industry standards for proper asbestos removal. Industry standards along with health and safety organizations such as Occupational Health and Safety have established protocols and guidelines to perform successful asbestos abatement when such a service is required.

ComPro takes care of any unwanted substances in your residence or commercial building. A complimentary first consultation will help us understand your needs. From there, we will agree upon a removal plan as well as any additional cleaning requirements. Our workers are trained to remove asbestos from any type of property safely, quickly, and effectively.

Our highly trained team specializes in asbestos removal. Asbestos is extremely bad for your health. It could be the culprit behind allergic reactions, such as sneezing and irritation. Overall, asbestos puts you and your family's lives at risk.

We at ComPro advise you to hire a professional company to safely solve this problem. But save your time because our team is highly trained to deal with any size of asbestos problems safely and fast. You could give us a call at any time, sit back, and relax while we take asbestos out of your home.

Our cleaners are trained to safely remove asbestos in your property. Asbestos is a chemical found in homes built in the 1990s. It can be found in materials such as insulation, drywall, ceiling tiles or textures, floor tiles and carpets, stucco, plaster, paint, or duct sealants. Many people believe that asbestos is dangerous to human health, regardless of how exposed such a person is. It has been linked to having caused cancers to people exposed to this substance. No wonder why many of us are afraid of it.

Our team is trained to detect asbestos and remove it safely and quickly to minimize the risk of your family and employees. Most provinces require safety certification courses for proper asbestos removal, and guess what? Our team is HIGHLY certified.

We permanently remove asbestos from your property to ensure long-lasting health. The only way to properly deal with an asbestos problem is to remove it completely but with the right equipment and the right people. Minimizing contact to areas with asbestos will only be sufficient until trained professionals can remove it entirely.

We work with your budget in mind. There is nothing worse than a job well done with an overpriced bill, except for the unsatisfactory results charging even more money. ComPro will never do this to you! Our cleaners go over your budget and set expectations when you first call us so that you know exactly what you are getting, and for how much. We rely on our reputation from continuously producing fantastic results to help us connect with new clients. Of course, we want you to be happy with the services we provide!

Our tools meet industry standards, so we can safely remove any unwanted substances in your home or commercial property.ComPro’s cleaners use only the best tools and products, so we can promise our clients a safe and effective removal. With dangerous substances like asbestos, we don’t want our contractors cutting any corners. Quality tools and efficient cleaners ensure long-lasting results. Lucky you, we all have that!

We won’t use your asbestos problem as an excuse for making more money. It’s best to choose a transparent company like ComPro for all of your asbestos concerns. Our trained professionals know how to effectively remove asbestos without creating more problems at the same time. We only complete jobs that you need, so there will be no surprises later on.

Our team is reliable and punctual. You don't have to wait for hours. You'd never want to wait for the people you hire over an extensive period of time. We know how frustrating it feels like being in that position especially that problems like asbestos, removal needs to happen as quickly as possible. Our asbestos removal Calgary team arrives on time and ready to produce amazing results.

We only hire fully licensed and insured cleaners for our asbestos removal service. Your business or personal finances are safe in case of injuries.

Asbestos removal in Calgary should not be provided by untrained and non-licensed individuals. When you look for a company to get the job done, make sure to ask about their business permit, certificates, or licenses that will show if they're legit or not. And to determine if a structure contains asbestos, a test must be conducted by a certified laboratory. A small portion of the suspected material is carefully removed, contained, and brought to the lab for further analysis. Should asbestos be found in your property, we strongly recommend that asbestos abatement procedures take place immediately by a certified firm that equips trained and licensed cleaners to perform this type of service. To make it easier and faster, call us so we can help you get your way out of this problem

Some companies hire uninsured workers, then send them to your property for an intensive asbestos removal service with little to no training. Too bad. But rest assured that our team is fully trained and licensed to provide successful results. Our workers are also entirely insured which means that no one can hold you or your company responsible for the injuries that can occur in the workplace.

The highly trained professionals at Compro Restoration Services are certified and licensed enough to perform this type of service. The health and safety of our customers as well as workers are our TOP priority. We take all necessary measures to ensure that asbestos is detected, contained, safely removed, and disposed of in accordance with the industry and government standards. We also provide full reports which include a pre-inspection status, and a post-inspection report attached in writing once the service is done.

We never leave a single mess behind. Asbestos has no place with ComPro!

Our team counterchecks the areas for any debris left and clean them out carefully. We will leave your home asbestos-free and safe for everyone in the family. ComPro cares about you and your family's safety. Be asbestos-free, live happily, and stay healthy. Call ComPro today!

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