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“Disaster Clean Up, You Need Compro the One to Know

Covid-19,Sewer Backup, Floods, Trauma and More”

Since 1992, ComPro Cleaning & Restoration has been Calgary's FIRST CHOICE for 

getting things "Back The Way They Were".

“Disaster Clean Up, You Need Compro the One to Know

Covid-19,Sewer Backup, Floods, Trauma & More”

Since 1992, ComPro Cleaning & Restoration has been Calgary's FIRST CHOICE for 

getting things "Back The Way They Were".

What we do

ComPro will fix the problems you can't tackle yourself

Imagine if you spill a glass of water on the floor. That's something you can easily tackle by yourself. But what if while your out, the toilet cracks and water has been flowing out of the bathroom for HOURS? That's a job for a professional. From picking up the water to repairing the damaged drywall and carpet underlay, to removing all the excess moisture so mold doesn't grow, you're going to need help - and it's just a phone call away - 24/7. Give ComPro a call today!

Water Damage

Water is the most common cause of damage in a building. From a leaking roof or basement to a broken pipe, ComPro can handle your water damage problems including water extraction and building repairs.

Fire Damage

A property that has suffered a fire is well outside the scope of a "do-it-yourself" repair. You need a professional with the specialized equipment to repair the damage from fire and smoke.


There's a lot of things that enter your home and business and make you REALLY SICK. From mold to Coronavirus to blood splatter, safely cleaning biohazards requires training and special procedures for safe disposal.

why we do it

We’ve been there

From carpet stains to crime scenes, ComPro restored them all. You might be surprised to learn that since 1992, we've pretty much "seen it all" and after 30+ years of cleaning and restoration, the likelihood that you have some unique problem that we've never seen before is pretty much zero. 

But why is this important? Because when you want your property restored, you want it done FAST and you want it done RIGHT. And the simple truth is that because we've already seen your specific challenge, we at ComPro KNOW how to restore right the first time and we know how to get it done quickly.

We want to bring innovation

Franchise operators are often handcuffed to using equipment dictated by the franchiser. So you will be comforted to know that ComPro seeks out and deploys nothing but state-of-the art equipment when it comes to cleaning and restoring your property. Why? Because by sending our expert technicians with the best equipment, your property is restored faster and the quality of work is second-to-none.

What they say about ComPro


ComPro could not have been more attentive, professional and empathetic to our needs. Our son passed away suddenly and we needed to not only clean out his apartment, but have the area purified and items disposed of immediately and discreetly. I put in a call to two or three companies and then was referred to ComPro through a family member. Mike met with us within 12 hours of first contact and began work immediately. They removed items that had to be disposed, tidied and boxed up other items and then allowed us in when safe to collect what belongings we wished. They then removed all remaining items and did a deep clean of the entire apartment. The landlord/owner was very impressed and appreciative of how clean and tenant ready the apartment was. You get what you pay for and Mike and his ComPro team were expedient, detailed and completed the work in a timely manner. We cannot recommend them enough. As an aside, the other companies I called had not even called back by the time ComPro had completed the first clean (3 days!)


This is an excellent company! We received specialized cleaning services to remove allergens from our house. This wasn't easy, but we were able to rely on Ayeesha's high level of expertise and professionalism to get the job done. The owner Mike Dowling and Ayeesha and her team really GOT what we needed, and the quality of work we received was way ahead of anything offered by other companies we consulted. When we needed mold remediation on top of the allergy clean, we had no hesitation in calling on ComPro again. They really came through for us!


Had Todd in for a residential carpet cleaning yesterday. Had cat stains and smells in a couple of areas. Did a great job. The house smelled fresh and clean when we came in, and the odor was completely gone when everything dried. They were here early in the 30 minute time slot they gave me, and completely professional. This is the 2nd time we've used them, and the team of ComPro have been excellent both times.


Excellent cleaning job done for me, will recommend ComPro to everyone

I know. Thank you guys!

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  • 323 41 Avenue NE T2E 2N4, Calgary, AB, Canada
  • admin@compro.services
  • 403-289-7008